Sooo, where have you been ,Fi?

Hey Guys! :)

I've been extremely M.I.A recently from this blog and I apologise! :( But Ive been pretty active on my YouTube so hopefully that makes up for it. :? Maybe, no...?

But ANYWAY, yeah, I've been busy getting active on a small idea that we've had to get a little extra cash and help a fund, which is slightly private but that's taken up more time. Ive also been OUT OF THE COUNTRY but more on that in my next post.

So. about my absence from this blog. I guess I didn't realise how difficult it is to manage my personal accounts like email and Facebook etc along with my YouTube, making the videos, editing but also my public Twitter and blog as well...not to mention my vlogging channel..phew! Seriously its hard work which means I'm sat at a computer all day contributing to my immensely annoying back pain. But anyway, so this is me apologising and assuring you that I will try my at most best to be constant with all ( geez :/)

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