Review: L'Oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara.

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Time for another review!
 You guys will remember I reviewed the Sleek BB cream last year, which I loved so I thought that I'd show you something else I have been adoring!

L'Oreal launched a new mascara at the beginning of February, which I had to pick up (I bought this mascara in February as well); so I have tested it out for about two months to give you guys the most honest review I can.
The mascara is called the False Lash Flutter.
I've reviewed this online on Youtube, so if you want to watch, the link is at the bottom of this page!

The mascara- so what does it ACTUAL do?
On the L'Oreal website, the mascara claims to 'extends the look of lashes towards the outer eye without clumps' by using  a 'double winged butterfly brush together with Cocoon fibres'
So this mascara claims to...
*extend outer lashes
*apply without clumping
*lengthen lashes overall.

 So, when reviewing this have taken these three things into account, as well as the packaging, formula, price and application.

The price/ Where to buy?
I bought this mascara at my local Boots store for £9 ( I used some of my Advantage points) but it retails in the UK for £10.99 at both main beauty stores ( Boots and Superdrugs) 
Personally, I find £10.99 for a 'drugstore' mascara a little on the pricey side, especially since I have found great ones for under £8, and also because mascaras are only suppose to be used for 3 months!

The packaging
Lets be honest.
The packaging is bea-u-tiful!
 I was first attracted to the mascara chilling on the shelf by the fact that it is mirrored and has that cool long oval shape which is quite common with most L'Oreal mascaras. It also has thin black lines which look like the detail on butterfly wings, which I think is a cute addition.
But in reality, it really doesn't work for me.
 Firstly the mirrored effect is great but it comes off as looking quite cheap; it also has that 'cheap sound' when you tap your nails against it. To be honest, I've learned to live with it, but I would have liked to it feel a little sturdier.
Secondly, because the packaging is shiny, if your fingers are slightly wet, greasy or dirty from makeup, it smudges all over the handle and is a PAIN! to remove, if almost impossible. I'm weird; I need my mascara wands to be immaculate!
Also, the design of the mascara is not at all ergonomic.
1. (used with a sing. verb) The applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.
The straight edge of the handle is designed for you to rest your thumb on, but because the handle itself is too long, I find that the end digs into my hand, causing my to hold it off centre. 
How I want to hold the mascara( see the end of the handle is resting against my hand)
How I end up holding the mascara

The formula
If you don't like 'wet' mascaras, you may not like this one. In my opinion, this has a 'slighty wet' formulation, where there is a higher level of wetness, which I'd class as 'extremley wet'. If you like the Maybelline mascaras, Id say that this was one stage up in terms of wetness.
Personally, I didn't have a problem with the wetness because this mascara dries extremely quickly, which means that I spend less time fanning my face, which is a plus especially if I am in a rush.
It also has the 'medical/cosmetic' like smell, which again I like, but you may not!

The application
Apart from the fact that the handle design makes me hold this mascara is such a strange way, the application is really easy. Once the brush is pulled out of the tube, it is loaded with enough product to use as one coat on your lashes. Personally, I like to use the smaller bristles first to coat my lashes and then the special butterfly side as a a finishing effect.

Lasting Power
The lasting power of this, I have to say, is the best I have come across so far with every mascara I have ever tried ( including my beloved Maybelline, even the Rocket!)
In the video review, I had the mascara on a total of 12.5 hours ( one full day!) and I didn't find myself reapplying, sorting out clumps or experiencing the product running down my face. The hold of the curl was great, although it slumped a little at the end of the day, but apart from that, fantastic!

Three key points

*extend outer lashes
Yes! My lashes are super small and thin, and although my outer and inner lashes are shorter than the lashes in the middle of my eye, I did notice a huge difference. The mascara pulls your lashes outwards and separates beautifully!

*apply without clumping
As shown in my video diary for the day,( linked below) after 12 hours! there was only one or two small clumps on my bottom lashes, but my top lashes were clump free. When applied, the brush also stopped any clumps from forming, probably because it dries super fast.

*lengthen lashes overall.
Again, I found that my lashes did look much longer, and since I am a glasses wearer, length is everything!

I LOVE this.
 It has everything I need in a mascara. Not only does it last extra long, it holds curl and pulls out even the smallest of lashes easily.
The only letdown really is the packaging and perhaps the price.

To watch me review this in video form, follow the link!


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Thanks for reading/viewing!
Have you tried this yet? Let me know down below! 


  1. Awesome review, Fiona! What eyelash curler did you use in this post if you used one at all? *-* Will have to pick this one up! :*


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