About Me

Hey I'm Fi!


Are you a twin
Yes, but we are not identical

What does your user name mean?
I just always had this opinion that just one voice can make a difference, often in my mind referred to as a 'littlevoice'. I myself don't really speak much unless I'm asked, so I came up with 'LittlestVoice' and added the generic 'xx' for a bit of drama :)

What accent is that?( Ethnicity and Nationality)
I'm a born and bred British, but my family originates from the Caribbean :)

My LOVES in Life
God,  Cakes, Yankee Candles, TeenVogue,Blogging

*I drank a bottle of very expensive perfume when I was two, it was JOY by Jean Patou ( it wasn't nice)
* I hate needles and injections
* I hate spiders