Review: Sleek BB Cream 'Medium'

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So, review time. Today, I am going to review the Sleek BB cream, which I picked up in around November.

The packaging
 The product comes in a nice sleek box, but I was extremely impressed with the actual tubing. Its a thick almost solid plastic- which makes it easier to dispense, without a load shooting out. In all the product look far more expensive than it actually is. My favourite part of the packaging is the  flap cap top, which clicks shut, preventing product waste/spillage.
 I am in the shade medium, and swatched on my hand, it looks as if the product is not the right colour for my skin; however me feet and hands are at least one shade lighter than my face. In the store I swatched a little on my cheek and went to out and about to shop just to see its true colour outside and test its wear.

Fresh faced, without makeup

To show you two ways which I apply my BB Cream I will demonstrate its coverage using a Foundation brush and my fingertips.

Method 1: Foundation Brush ( Sigma Makeup F60)

To apply, I add a drop on the back of my hand, warm the product and apply from the centre of my face, brushing outwards in diagonals to cover all skin and not leave any holes 
BB Cream on left side of my face
 The application with the foundation brush gives me a medium to full coverage, some of my acne scars are still visible, but I would usually cover these further with concealer. Since the BB Cream is more on the thick side, it takes alot longer to apply with a brush.
Side of face with BB Cream

Side without BB Cream

 Method 2:  Fingertips

To apply, I add product to the back of my hand and use my three middle fingers ( pointer, middle, ring) to apply from the inside of my face working product outwards by dabbing. For under my eyes, I dab with my ring finger only.


For me, the fingertip application applies a lot easier and it gives me a more flawless finish, especially around the eye area. The product 'melts' into my skin easier and I don't feel cake-y.
Full face


To set my BB cream I prefer to use a translucent powder so that the colour remains true. I apply this with my large powder brush (Sigma F30) and use the Collection 2000 Setting Powder

Wear of BB Cream ( combination skin)
The product lasts around 7 hours for me before I begin to feel oily. To stop this I either take off the product or use oil absorbing sheets. I would definitely recommend using a face primer beneath this makeup ( I use Nivea Express face primer) and the powder on top.

The product is £8.99 and available at any Sleek stand which is usually in Superdrugs or any local Afro-Caribbean hair shops( from my own experience) It can also be purchased online at

Overall, I am in love with this product, its the perfect balance between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation. The application means it can be used daily. The only negative would be its thickness, which could make it a little suffocating to skin during the hotter months


  1. Great post! Do you know what the difference between Medium and Medium 01 is?? I was going to order Sleek's BB cream online since I live in the US.

    1. Oh! Never heard of medium 01! My only guess us that its a tad bit darker??
      Thanks for reading nd commenting xx :D

  2. hey, i've been contemplating buying this for some time and i cant make my mind up if i should use medium or dark? my mac shade is nw45 sometimes a bit lighter and i know my no7 boots brand foundation is mocha but i dont want to look ghostly, could you recomend foundations or bb creams simmilar to my shade? ty xx

    1. Hi, thanks for reading my post, appreciate the question and your support!! I am a nw45 in summer; I like the mac foundations of course, and I also use the revlon nearly naked line. However, you will have to purchase to shades for this (cappucino and caramel) and do some mixing; on the plus side the coverage is thicker and the colour can be adjusted no matter what time of year! Sorry I don't have alot of suggestions: I don't see the need to purchase to much foundation as once I find a winner, I stick to it! :D Just to let you know that I have a new blog! x