First Look | Sister Act!+ Growing Up Too Fast?

I'm so happy to find my favorite sister duo atm on the cover of two very prestigious magazines in time for Valentines Day, one of which I have sworn allegiance to since 2006, the other quickly becoming quitye addictive.

Dakota Fanning covers ELLEUK for the February edition looking amazing! with a bright red lip and subtle smokey eyes. I love how innocent she is but so mature at the same time.
And her younger sis, Elle Fanning covers my favorite TEENVOGUE for their February issue as well. Both issues I am dying to pick up( once my local WHSmith gets a move on and wakes up a little into the new year! :/)
Have to say that Dakota's cover makes me want to pick up ELLE a little more than TeenVofue-for once!

Something though that I've recently thought about- surely so much media attention can't be all good? Found this post about young teens and growing up to quickly, using the Fanning Sisters as examples.


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