GlossyBox | Valentines Edition (Jan 2012)

It's here! The January GlossyBox a.k.a The Valentines Edition!~

I'm so excited! Ive been waiting for this box for ages now, constantly checking the GlossyBox FaceBook for shipping dates.....

So here's what was inside....

Look how cute this sweet is! #eatenstraightaway

I'm soo excited to get a primer (never had one before ) I've swatched it and its a beige colour which I'm a little worried about since my skin is much darker. We'll have to see about that :/
Nice, clean scent, It kind of smells like citrus and wood scents in all in one. Reminds me of citrus oils.
I wasn't to sure about this colour at first but its a beautiful light lavender colour. This will look amazing in my lower waterline in the spring for a pop of colour. Not only that, it works for really brightening the eyes. I have an eye brightning tutorial inspired by Selena Gomez fyi.
The colour is 'Powder Pink'
Loving FAB products, so this should be a winner....


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