MUA Palettes Review- Poptastic and Dusk Til Dawn

 Hey Everyone!
I received these two MUA palettes back in November of last year and I promised myself that I would do a review on them both- however, I forgot and I didn't post a thing! But a while ago, I began to use the palettes and remembered the promise I here are the reviews

The palette comes with 12 colours ranging from blues to pinks and reds. I am in love with the colour range as it has all the colours of the rainbow included, apart from orange which is replaced by a subtle golden colour, which allows you to use one palette for all colour looks.
with brightening effects

with brightening effects

under normal lighting( taken beneath a window)

The palette is small and lightweight.
I'm glad that MUA products are generally lightweight and have taken on a sleek packaging design. I'm not a fan of clunky makeup and this is perfect, which makes it easy to store and to handle. It also makes it travel sized perfect.
Range of colours
Like I said above, the colours are amazing, and I would definitely love to use them for fancy dress or bright summer makeup tutorials.
Colour size
I'm also pretty impressed with the size of the individual shades in the palette. They are about the size of a GB pence coin which I always think to be a good size for most brushes to be able to easily pick up product from.

On first glance, you can see that the colours are extremely bright, which makes them look beautifully pigmented.However, from the pictures below( wrist swatch) you can see that in fact they are quite dull. All the colours were swatched five times to get the intensity on my hand which I think is extremely poor. I'm the least impressed by the yellow colours( the yellow and the gold) as they have the worst pay off. From the wrist swatch below, you can see it doesn't even show up!

The shades are very powdery and dint seem to pick up well on the brushes that I use. I wouldn't blame the brushes because they are high quality and when I do, there is a lot of fallout, which means by the time the product gets to the eye, there is not much to work with. From the pictures below, the pink shade is the least powdery and has the best quality texture from the shades and also picks up nicely on the brush. Again, the gold and yellow are terrible! The gold has alot of fallout, but the yellow actually has a greasy consistency( last picture) which scratches and leaves residue in the colour.

Overall, I am quite disappointed with this product and Ive only been able to use it a few times because it just frustrated me and took a lot of primer to keep the fallout at a minimum. The colours are beautiful but that's pointless if you cant even use them.


#2 Dusk Til Dawn
The other MUA palette I received was Dusk Til Dawn, which I was also soo excited to use because I had already seen it in Superdrugs and was seriously considering picking it up for myself.
This palette also has 12 shades which are all more neutrals. I would most probably use this palette for everyday looks and to create subtle smokey eyes.

with brightening effects

with natural lighting

with natural lighting

Unlike the Poptastsic palette, this one is pigmented beautifully. The wrist swatches were all done with only 2 sweeps as I found that I didn't need any more for vibrant colour. Because of this, the colours are extremely build-able and I think that only one dip of a brush would give you enough product to work with. 

Choice of colours
I don't know if I'm going  far in saying this, but this palette reminds me of the Naked palette by Urban Decay( No.1) The choice of colours are quite similar- there is a gorgeous golden which could be Half Baked, purple/pink shades like Toasted, a GORGEOUS shimmer black like Creep, a silver( next to the teal) like Gunmetal and a light peachy highlight like Sin #possibledupe????
Quality of shadows
Also unlike Poptastic, Dusk till Dawn contains shades that are more on the creamy side than powdery which made them much easier to pick up with a brush and blend
I was a little surprised to find a teal in this palette, as I think all the other colours are in a similar colour theme, and then to stick a teal green in it ruins it. This is my opinion, maybe you like the random colour, but it kind ruins the flow.....just a thought.
Repetition of colours
From the swatches and pictures you will see that shade #3 and shade #6 are identical. I'm not to sure why there is a repetition of colour in her and whether they are actually slightly different but in my eye and on my skin they come of the same. I think that that could have been used to add a dark bronze brown! Similarly with about, I think MUA like the minty teal colour a lot, because in Poptastsic, there are too very similar teal colours in there too.

repetition of colour
repetition of colour

This palette is heaps better than Poptastic and gives a beautiful smokey eye. Id recommend this for a New Years Eve look as well because of the deep colour choices and shimmer. My favourite colours have to be the last three, the glitter in them is insane and they are the most pigmented!

Favourite three colours!

NOTE: All opinions are my own. I have not been paid by the company.


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