£20 Makeup Challenge!

Hey Guys

I haven't done a TAG video in a while and I thought I may as well do my favourite one of the moment which is the $20 makeup challenge. If you don't know what it it, the aim is to create a  full face of makeup for only $20 or under, including makeup tools.
Its harder than it looks! So I decided to do my own version using British pounds and this is the look I came up with!

I managed to do the above look, a soft sunset eye with a pink cheek and lip for £18.61!!

Click the video below for the tutorial

Products used
£3.75 Tinted Moisturiser(ELF)
£3.40 Concealer(Sleek)
£0.00 DIY Eye Primer( for a tutorial, click here)
£1.99 Eyeshadow Quad(Maybelline) 
£2.99 Eyeliner(Collection 2000)
£1.99 Mascara(Collection 2000)
£3.50 Cheek and Lip Tint(George at Asda)
£0.99 Lipgloss(MUA)

Some of these products I purchased online and where only available at the websites from which I bought them. They may have been on sale at the time also!

For the Sunlit bronze eye-shadow quad, click here
For the Rose Lip and Cheek tint, click here
For the Volume Sensation Mascara, click here

Thanks for watching!

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