My Morning in Pictures 26/2/12

What first was an alarm mistake turned out to be a perfect day and opportunities to take photos, something which I rarely do! Felt like quite the little blogger!

I had to go to McDonald for breakfast as nothing else was open, so I tried out the new Breakfast Wrap. It was literally an 'allinone' with a potato rosti ( the best part) bacon, sausage meat, cheese, egg and a squirt of ketchup. I was in fact very surprised that I liked it( I'm not usually a McD breakfast fan #memories )

I was a little disappointed in the packaging though. The wrap is pacakged in a long cardboard, which actually gives you instructions to tear the centre and discard the entire top half. Not only is that a waste of material, it is also extremley deceiving since the wrap did look a lot bigger than it really was. #badmcdonalds!

And then of course, I had to order a frothy hot chocolate to top it off...wished I carried cinnamon in my bag
Winter is definitely on its last legs, and I couldn't be more happier to say goodbye
I took this in an underpass, let me tell you, the smell hit me like a wet fish in the face.

@River Island, in the dressing room with my soon to be latest purchase( not shown!)

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