Whats in my Graze Box (1) + WIN A FREE BOX

Hey Everyone!

This is the first edition of Graze boxes that I have received, now that I have subscribed to their weekly service.

For all of you who don't know, Graze is a subscription service that offers four different snack sized and healthy treats, delivered as often as the subscriber chooses.

The service is based on the items the subscriber selects on their profile under the different categories of food such as 'nuts, 'breads' 'olives' etc.

There are four options
BIN: Never want to receive the item
LIKE: Maybe already tried the item and like its taste
TRY: Never tasted but willing to try
SEND SOON: An item you really like the look of so, you would like to try it in your next box

After doing this, every box sent to you has items based on your preference.

So this is what I got in my first box!

This is what the box looks like opened, with the four snacks in separate plastic containers. I love the cherry background. #cute!

1) Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack pieces
This has to be my favourite at first glance because I LOVE flapjacks. It was also the only option which I included in my 'SEND SOON' section, so I knew I would receive it. The flapjacks are nice and crumbly, sweet and moist. The cinnamon is more prominent but its soo good!

2) Strawberry Milkshake
I was a little put off at first by the banana pieces which were squishy and didn't look to nice at all. But together with the dried strawberries and white chocolate buttons, it was okay. To me, this was slightly too sweet. I had this open for about three days in a cool dry place, and by the third, the banana pieces were shriveled and didn't look appetizing at all.

3) Lost Army
I can only describe this as oriental trail mix. There are heaps of different tastes in this: salty, bitter, bland. It wasn't really for me to be honest. It is okay at first taste, but like all cracker mixes, after that much salt, the taste is just bland and it made me feel a bit sick.
4) Ancient Forest Nuts
Most disappointing out of the four, but the most basic. I think its just because its plain ole' nuts! Nothing special, although I wish I ground them up and put them in a date and walnut cake loaf or something

If you fancy a try of this box all you have to do is:
1) Subscribe to my Youtube Channel www.youtube.com/littlestvoicexx
2) Comment on the video matching this blog post which will be linked 'I want a free Graze Box'
3) This isn't a necessity, but I would love if you 'LIKE' the video as well( just for some love?)

The first 4 people to comment the above will receive the voucher codes by emailx
Good luck x

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