Review: NEW Sleek Blush By 3 in 'Sugar'

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I was shopping the other day in Superdrugs for essentials when I came across a new product from the Sleek Cosmetics collection. I personally don't own a lot of Sleek, but as a brand, I own a lot in comparision to other, so I just had to pick it up.
The Sleek Blush By 3 is a trio blush palette, sold for a liminted time( up until April), which comes in five different shades: Lace, Pumpkin,Flame, Pink Sprint and Sugar
As of the day this is posted, the blushes are not offered online.

The product comes in super 'sleek' (of course) packaging. I love the illustration on the palette box which is crisp and bright.

The casing is hard and solid and has the iconic Sleek glossy logo across the front, which is my favourite thing about the packaging choice that Sleek makes. It also gives Sleek a very professional/expensive vibe, when it is completely affordable.

I picked up the shade 'Sugar 364', which has three shades in 'Turbinado', 'Muscovado' and 'Demerara' which are all types of sugars. The back of the packaging, as shown below, clearly displays which shade is which, which I love especially because if I choose to use these blushes in makeup tutorials, it will be obvious as to which one I am speaking of.

Then the best part...look how amazingly beautiful these colours are!
#neverfoundalovelikethis (kudos if you remember that song!)

From L-R Demerara, Muscovado, Turbinado

I think I'd describe this as a plumy pink. It is a matte shade and is quite similar to my favourite blush which is 'Wine' by Almay. I think its the perfect pink for my complexion and is my favourite by sight.

This is my favourite blush after inspection. On the surface it just looks like a slightly shimmery brown, which I will admit, I wasn't to keen on since I like my blush to be matte. However, when I swatched this beauty, it has a striking undertone of iridescent pink, which can be see in the image below. Gorgeous!

Lastly, I would describe this shade as a summery coral colour and its more true to colour above than below. I was alittle scared of this colour when I first saw it, but I'm slowly warming to it. Again, its the right coral colour for my skin tone, and when blended in well, it makes my face look quite bronzed. This too is matte.

Swached, heres what the colours look like:

The picture below is a better representation of how the colours show up on my skin. As you can see, the middle colour has a very pretty shimmer to it.

I love these blushes for their amazing pigmentation. All swatches are the blushes swatched once and then swatched across my skin.All three colours are very buildable, which allowed me to use them as a wash of colur for school days or thicker on occasion. I've worn the pink slightly more.
The colour I feel fades after about 8 hours of wear on oilier skin, but I think on drier/normal skin, it can last longer.
The product was just £9.99, which is amazing considering one Sleek blush retails for a £4.30 on the website which means you save about £3.00

Overall, I'm in love

Has anyone else bought the other shades and what do you think?

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