GlossyBox- September Maggie Li Edition!

Hey Guys!

My latest video on my Youtube channel has just gone LIVE! Its an unboxing for this month's edition of GlossyBox. 
I know I 'done an unboxing since probably May, because I figured that it might get a bit boring, but I had to do this, because the box was just amazing!

Before you go any further, why not watch the video first?


Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance
I'm not actually a fan of Lady G but I had to say I was impressed when I first spotted this in the box. If I ever bought the fragrance, it wouldn't be because of who it was buy, but for the smell and the packaging which I think looks beautiful!
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5-Minute Facial Sachets
These two products are for reducing wrinkles an fine lines, which I don't have a problem with. 
I'll admit that the 'snake serum' thing is  a bit scare, but the product looks trustworthy enough to try. I'm glad Glossybox included two samples per product, that why it will be much easier to test whether or not the product actually works. 

Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream
According the little note GB gave in the box, this has just been launched by Vichy; and I have very high expectations for this. The tub is cold, juts like Pond's Cold Cream, which was a massive hit a few years ago, but obviously not as cheap. I already have a great skin care routine and for the moment, I don't think I will use it...
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Maghrabian Hair Oil
A hair oil, that hails from Spain( I think) I'm soo glad that I got this this month since my existing argan oil is running dangerously low. Since it's only 10mls, this will probably become my traveling hair oil, which is perfect because it will fit in any makeup bag!

Balance Me Eye Cream
Lastly, an eye cream! Im not too big on eye creams, simply because I don't think I need them, but I guess prevention is better than cure! This is is from a brand which I haven't heard from which is exciting, because if I love it, I may just have a new favourite brand

Thats all for my box today!
Thanks for reading( and watching) 

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