Soap and Glory Hand Food DUPE?! Thoughts and Review

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Soap and Glory Hand Food DUPE?! Thoughts and Review ♥ 

If you have been following me for a long time, you will know that I love the Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream- its my all time favourite product! However the other day I ran out and I had to quickly buy a back up because hand cream is a must for me, and I managed to find a DUPE!

Along Came Betty Hand cream is the perfect dupe for the famous Soap and Glory cream; of course there are a couple differences, but you really cant go wrong!

S&G Hand Food(left) Along Came Betty Cream(right)

The Story
Soap and Glory
The most obvious thing about Soap and Glory is its tribute to homemakers, pin up girls and all things 1950's. Almost every tube, bottle, palette has some kind of black and white picture of a 1950's woman; even the names of the products refer back to the 50's

Along Came Betty
I am almost positive that Tesco had S&G in mind when creating ACB because the concept is exactly the same. ACB products also feature black and whites and creative names for their products- definitely not a coincidence.

The Scent
Soap and Glory
This cream has a heavier and thicker scent that lasts a lot longer both in tube and on the hands( I can only describe it as a sweet and fluffy smell!?!) This is due to the content of Shea butter, macadamia oil( which is great for anti ageing and scar healing) and marshmallow!( yum!)If you don't want anyone to know that you have just used a hand cream, stay away from this one!
Along Came Betty
It is safe to say that this cream has the lightest fragrance of the two, but the smell itself isn't at all special. This cream only contains Shea butter, so once applied to the hands the smell almost melts away!

The Packaging
Soap and Glory
The Hand food has a classic tubing which is a pretty barbie pink colour. The theme is a creamy yellow and pink with silver, black and white trimmings. The font is nicely bold and quite simple which makes it chic but attractive at the same time.
Distribution is made easier because the cap has two holes which make the cream easier to control.
Along Came Betty
I'm a sucker for PRETTY!, so when I saw the pink bow on this cream, I had to get it! Like the S&G, the theme is made up of mostly a yellow and a pink, also with white and black writing. I love the extra mint trimmings for the obvious reason that that is my favourite colour!The font is not as bold, but very standard and generic looking.
One thing I don't like about the packaging is that the distribution hole is a little too big so the product tends to squirt out, I find it kind of hard to control. 

Even though Along Came Betty has a shiny logo and a cute bow detailing, I have to say I prefer the S&G because it is noticeable but chic and slick at the same time.

The Consistency

Soap and Glory
S&G has a  nice medium/ thick consistency, which has a great silky quality- it is also non greasy, which the tubing claims to be anyway. I find that it is super easy to blend into hands and it leaves mine feeling refreshed. This cream usually lasts about half a day before I would think to reapply
Along Came Betty
ACB has a thinner consistency which isn't that noticeable- what I don't like to much is that it feels a little clumpy and is definitely not as silky as S&G. Also, it is a tad greasy which id great in the winter, but not in the summer when your hands are already greasy enough! It blends well also, but I feel that I have to reapply about 3 times a day to get a daily coverage.

The Price

Both of the creams are surprisingly the same price, even though Along Came Betty is a 75ml tube whereas S&G is only 50ml. They both cost £2.50 ( ACB is actually £2.49 to be precise)

 Where to purchase

Soap and Glory
Hand Food can be found at any Boots store in the UK,usually sitting with its S&G, just head for a bright pink stand. It can also be bought on Ebay ( if you are lucky). If you are a US fan, it can be purchased from Sephora instore or online at
BUY IT HERE:(larger size)
Along Came Betty
ACB is a beauty, because it is a supermarket brand- it is from Tesco! This cream can be found in any Tesco store( big stores, not Tesco Metro or Express) in the cosmetic aisle with the deodorants and tablets.

I can't see Along Came Betty replacing my beloved Hand Food but this product is a serious dupe to consider if you can not get you hands on Soap and Glory. Really, the only down side to ACM is its touch of greasiness which isn't too terrible, but I could definitely get used t0 it. Unlike the S&G, ACM actually takes care of my nails too! (plus!) by conditioning cuticles!

I love both these products and I have to give honour where honour is due!

ACM- ****/5

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